Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome All Customers

Welcome to ZML-Shoppe.
We bring you Telecommunication Products via online!!
Please feel free to browse our website and
make order as much as you can!!
We will make sure customers are satisfied and happy with our products.

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1st Product: Streamyx

Streamyx is Malaysia's premier broadband provider, hooking up Malaysians nationwide with the fast-paced online world.

The bandwidth provided by Streamyx gives you an unsurpassed Internet experience. Audio and video stream consistently. And you're easily kept abreast with the complex applications and heavy websites that are now in vogue.

There are 5 interesting packages you can choose. For more details click here

2nd Product : BlueHyppo


1. High traffic – 500,000 visitors per month.
2. Branding - first life style portal in Malaysia.
3. Continuous promotion.
4. Supported by Telekom Malaysia.


1. User friendly portal.
2. User can update portal (As easy as ABC)
3. Web hosting service.
4. Updating of webpage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!!
5. Bonus: Free TM i-Talk Buddy account!!!

3rd Product : FixedLine

Fixed LinesHomeline

Local Call : Find out about our local call rates, rental and installation charges for telephone sets.

Long Distance Call : Find out about our national and international call charges, operator assisted international calls, how to make direct international calls and frequently asked questions by our customers.

Local Call : Upon subscription for basic telephone service, an individual direct exchange line and a telephone set in a range of colours for selection is provided. A basic monthly rental will be levied while additional phone sets to be used as extensions can be provided at minimal additional rental.

- Sole Proprietorship = RM 200
- Partnership (eg Enterprise) = RM 300
- Private Limited (eg Sdn Bhd) = RM 400
- Public Limited (eg Bhd) = RM500

For more details click here

4th : Agent Recruitment

You are in a world of BIG BUSSINESS with Telekom Malaysia having about 300 Products. Take this opportunity to participate in BIG TIME BUSSINESS which can give you big commissions!!!


As an Agent of TM products you can:

1. Know how to acquire distribution right for branded TM products and services duly provided for you in the market place.
2. Learn about the best strategy and tactics of doing business of selling ICT and telecommunications products.
3. Know how to develop business outlets and networking throughout the country.
4. Know about funds available that can be applied as capital for starting business.
5. Know about highest profit margin that can be attained from selling more than 300 branded and selected products.
6. Know how to develop marketing channel for your products.
7. Have the opportunity to receive guidance in areas of developing business network.
8. Get exposure and guidance on business development and finance for new enterpreneurs.
9. Get basic training on product sales.
10. Know about business growth and marketing channel for your own products.
11. Know about sales supporting programmes that are provided.